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It feels like my kids and I have the same conversation every day. As parents, we wanted to do better, so we started a free, weekly email with a few questions to discuss with your kids.

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Get beyond “How was your day?”

Welcome to Weekly Questions! 

Find quick and easy inspiration to spark a good conversation with your kids and family that goes beyond: Q: “How was your day?” A: “Fine.”

Each week we’ll send you a few questions to help spark better, deeper, and longer conversations. 

If you are stuck on what to talk about in the car, we’ve got your covered!

If you have an idea for question, submit it here and we may feature it in an upcoming week. 

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Creator of

Wow, this is a big help! It's easy to get stuck in a rut trying to figure out how to connect with our kids. FamilyQuestions is a fun tool to help us stay inspired.

- Molly B., mom of two

Each email has a mix of questions.


Thoughtful questions intended to start conversations that matter…"Who did you notice that was extra joyful today?"


Funny questions intended to help kickstart conversation and keep things from getting too serious…"invent a new snack combination that is worth trying to make this weekend."


Connecting questions intended to understand what's going on with your child emotionally – “what made you feel surprised today?”

Parents say it's helped them.

“I sent this to all my parent friends.”
“Way better than just 'how was your day', 'fine'.”
“It's like my secret weapon for finding out what's going on with my kids.”
“Good questions are a great way to start our week.”
“It's hard to know how to connect – this has been a huge help.”
“Our kids really look forward to these questions.”

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